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Who is Robert B. Foster?
Robert has over twenty years of business experience, which he is more than ready to impart to any audience hungry for knowledge and growth. His niche is in the service and fitness industry, running a gym, personal training, and sports coaching business effectively. His facility, RBF Fitness, has won various awards, including multiple honors as the Best of Rhode Island in the Fitness Classes and Gyms category.

After experiencing enormous success for himself, Robert Foster has turned his time and attention into helping struggling fitness professionals build a growing business. He supports various fitness coaches, gym owners, and trainers to achieve more by reducing work hours, making more money per client, and getting paid the best value for their knowledge and experiences. He also teaches trainers how to create digital courses and speak before crowds to build an automated coaching business and achieve freedom in life and work.

Here's a special message for every gym owner and fitness professional who needs to attract new clients, but can't figure out how in today's world.

Hi, my name is Robert B. Foster, owner of RBF Fitness and Nutrition, LLC and Robert B. Foster, LLC. If you want to get massively paid for your knowledge and expertise while gaining time freedom, then pay very close attention!

Many gym owners and fitness professionals suffer from the idea that mastering sales, getting to speak on stages, and being featured in the media requires special skills, talent, "knowing someone", or education but nothing could be further from the truth.

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